Tax Consulting.

Tax Consulting

Because tax implications are increasingly crucial to aligning your wealth with your life, Hawk100 follows three simple principles, with respect to taxes, when making investment recommendations or providing wealth advice for Members.

  • Avoid taxes when available in accordance with the law.
  • Pay taxes at the lowest allowable rate when incurred.
  • Defer taxes as far into the future as possible.

Hawk100 refers to years of experience and formal training to abide by these simple principles using a combination of asset allocation and asset location strategies that align your income to improve after-tax results.

For complex tax matters, Hawk100 collaborates with tax planning professionals who bring expertise to specific situations contemplated.

As such, Hawk100 is well positioned to advise you on tax planning matters affecting your business or family, and to ensure that advised actions are consistent with your Wealth Alignment Plan.SM