Estate Planning.

Estate Planning

What will be your legacy?

At Hawk100, we regularly ask our members to consider their answer to this vital question. To help guide your decisions while you're living, it is important to understand how you’d like to see the world after death.

Hawk100 will gently discuss your wishes and concerns related to an emotionally difficult concept, death.  We will work to understand how to best align your wealth to enable and support your desired legacy.

Based on our understanding, Hawk100 guides your estate planning process with a qualified specialist in estate planning law. Hawk100 will be your advisor and advocate when an attorney who specializes in estate planning drafts your legal documents so they bring clarity and alignment to your estate plans.

If insurance protection is needed to complete your estate plan, Hawk100 will represent your interests when meeting with insurance agents. Your chosen coverage and contract will align with your personal estate planning needs.

Hawk100 can incorporate your estate planning objectives into your Wealth Alignment Plan so you can rest comfortably knowing that your advisor is monitoring your progress toward your estate planning objectives.