Discretionary Investment Advice.

Discretionary Investment Advice

At Hawk100, we can provide you with continuous, fully discretionary investment supervisory services. These services include regular monitoring and rebalancing consistent with strategies enumerated in your Wealth Alignment Plan.SM In addition, we can provide unified managed accounts that include personally selected securities and risk management techniques employing options and investment alternatives.

Hawk100 will work with you to establish safe, secure investment accounts with a globally recognized brokerage firm that will hold custody of your assets. Then, consistent with your Member Agreement and Wealth Alignment Plan, Hawk100 will exercise full trading authority in your portfolio of accounts held at the custodian.

Hawk100 will execute trade orders in your investment portfolio based on rigorously defended portfolio management models, continuous research of capital markets, as well as personalized theories and assumptions based on qualitative and quantitative evaluations of market conditions.

As a courtesy, Hawk100 will communicate with you to advise of material portfolio trades and to provide meaningful insight as to the trade justification. You also will receive customary reports from the broker to keep you informed of portfolio activity in addition to a quarterly Wealth Alignment Report from Hawk100.