Nondiscretionary Investment Advice.

Nondiscretionary Investment Advice

Institutions and organizations come to Hawk100 seeking advice to solve a variety of challenges. Sometimes, those challenges require particular solutions beyond the scope of discretionary control.

Legal precedent and statute establish a fiduciary standard of care on those responsible for institutional investment portfolios. Trustees and investment committee members have a legal responsibility for investment management decisions.

Hawk100 is well suited to assist your organization in meeting this and other fiduciary obligations.

We will work with the leadership of your organization, including your trustees and investment committee, to develop effective, prudent investment practices.

The Hawk100 wealth advisors have extensive, practical knowledge in developing written policies and prudent practices that align your investment portfolio with the unique aspects of your organization.

We can assist you in selecting and supervising managers to whom you may delegate investment discretion.

All of us at Hawk100 embrace competence, care, and charity in our purpose. We have organized, volunteered for, participated in, donated to, or advocated for a multitude of charities. Let our leadership and experience elevate your mission-driven organization.