The world, the economy, the markets, and our lives are dynamic. Events can have a large or small impact on us. They can create excitement, cause fears, raise questions, and spark insight.

Listed here are our most spontaneous, timely, and succinct comments on wealth, life, and more.

  • March 28, 2013 - How would you finance Cypriot life?

    If your bank instituted capital controls that limited your withdrawals, would you be able to finance your living standard? (Reuters)

  • March 22, 2013 - Five Stories for Friday

    Salvaging Cyprus and the Fed's new 6.5% unemployment target lead Morningstar's recap of five stories that made this week. (Morningstar)

  • March 19, 2013 - How Is Your Retirement Plan?

    Your Hawk100 Wealth Alignment Plan can help overcome "powerful financial and demographic forces (that) are combining to squeeze individuals ... trying to save for the future." (WSJ)

  • March 18, 2013 - The Cyprus Swipe

    Cyprus decided to confiscate bank deposits in a last-ditch effort to resolve fiscal imbalances.  The move to swipe assets from bank depositors threatens to destabilize the relationship between banks and their depositors that was once considered sacrosanct.  (Reuters)

  • March 14, 2013 - (Un)limited liability companies.

    Ohio Society of CPAs reports that a proposed budget bill would expand personal liability taxes due from a corporation.  Personal liability for unpaid taxes would expand to:

    • Any partner of a partnership.
    • A director, shareholder or officer of a corporation that has had its articles of incorporation canceled for nonpayment of taxes.
    • Any other person liable under any other tax provision.


  • March 13, 2013 - White Smoke Announces Pontiff

    The Holy Roman Catholic Church has chosen a new pope to lead its faithful toward the church purpose. (WSJ)

  • March 12, 2013 - Reinvest your RMD

    Morningstar suggests that investors who are required to take distributions from their IRAs may wish to prudently reinvest the proceeds. (Morningstar)

  • March 11, 2013 - A Super Sized Judgment

    A New York judge put a stop to Bloomberg's 16-ounce soda size limit.  Cheers! (WSJ)

  • March 08, 2013 - Sequestration Sharks

    WSJ's Strassel calls closing tours of the People's House a "jumping the shark" moment. (WSJ)  This could explain why sharks swarmed Florida beaches. (ABC)

  • March 07, 2013 - Avoid the Tax Torpedo

    Middle income taxpayers who receive social security benefits would do well to avoid being sunk by the tax torpedo. (Morningstar)

  • March 06, 2013 - Before Filing Taxes.

    It ay pay to file tax returns early but be sure to check these seven items before you submit your return. (WSJ)

  • March 01, 2013 - S&P Advances for Week

    The S&P500 rose 1.05% during a volatile week affected by Italian elections and US sequester politics.