The world, the economy, the markets, and our lives are dynamic. Events can have a large or small impact on us. They can create excitement, cause fears, raise questions, and spark insight.

Listed here are our most spontaneous, timely, and succinct comments on wealth, life, and more.

  • February 28, 2013 - What the Sequester Means

    Morningstar's Bob Johnson shares his views on what the sequester might mean for investors. (Morningstar)

  • February 08, 2013 - Morningstar's Friday Five

    Morningstar's Jeremy Glaser covers five big stories to recap the week during which stocks rose 0.3%. (Morningstar)

  • February 07, 2013 - PIMCO at CFA Columbus

    "If you overpay for a conservative business you end up with a risky investment."

    says PIMCO's Brad Kinkelaar to CFA Columbus.

  • February 05, 2013 - Dell Plans to Go Private

    An investor group led by founder Michael Dell seeks to take DELL private in a deal announced today.  (WSJ)

  • February 04, 2013 - Economists calls for stocks to rise 8%

    The Economists Buttonwood: "The biggest mistake investors make is extrapolation." That goes for economists as well. (The Economist)

  • February 02, 2013 - TDA 2013 Wrap Up

    Hawk100 returns to its home office following a successful conference in San Diego where it improved its trading capabilities and member relationship processes.

  • February 01, 2013 - Hawk100 at TDA 2013

    Hawk100 is attending TDA Conference in San Diego to improve its practice for the benefit of our members.