Quarterly HawkLetters.


Four times per year, Hawk100 publishes a letter that reflects on what has happened over the last three months and looks forward to see how those events or trends might impact the alignment of wealth with life for our members during the upcoming quarter and beyond.

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  • Third Quarter 2015

    We continue to journey around Your Wealth Alignment Plan this quarter with a focus on your way to wealth. In our wealth advisory experience, we have come to know that all purported pathways to wealth can be simplified into four ways. You may earn wealth, save wealth, receive wealth, and earn a prudent return on your wealth


  • Second Quarter 2015

    While Commodities, China, and Greece set the stage for investments during the second quarter, Hawk100 introduced a new illustration to Your Wealth Alignment Plan, redefined Your Wealth Alignment Plan, your way, and redesigned Your Wealth Alignment Report for its members.


  • First Quarter 2015

    Hawk100 is pleased to present your Wealth Alignment Report for the first quarter of 2015.  We hope you find this letter to be a valuable complement to your report.  See how the US dollar bucked the trends during the quarter.


  • Fourth Quarter 2014

    Hawk100 implemented a dynamic investment strategy during 2014.  That strategy is dynamic because it can be responsive to changing client circumstances as well as shifting financial market conditions that affect our expectations around investment risk and reward.  We consider the major themes underlying our investment processes during 2014 and develop an understanding of how economic and market conditions affected your portfolio.


  • Fourth Quarter 2013

    The financial market returns of 2013 surprised us.  We revisit the state of financial markets at the start of 2013 and evaluate how some expectations did occur but failed to be realized in investment results.


  • Fourth Quarter 2012

    Hawk100 warmly extends its wishes to you and your family for health, home and happiness during 2013. We begin our portfolio review this quarter with an update to our prior letter which discussed the “fiscal cliff” with particular focus on the potential tax ramifications for your portfolio.


  • Third Quarter 2012

    Stark challenges face Washington, DC, locales, and nations abroad.  Spendthrift fiscal and monetary policies have amassed huge encumbrances upon citizens.  Those encumbrances introduce present, short-term, and long-term ramifications.  Together, let’s peer over the edge of the “fiscal cliff” and take in the view of the potential impact on your portfolio. 


  • Second Quarter 2012

    For this edition of your quarterly letter, I’ll step through a prudent mid-year portfolio review.

    Hawk100 has a well-defined approach to help you align your wealth with your life.  Your Wealth Alignment Plan documents that approach and establishes regular portfolio reviews including these quarterly reports.  We hope you find this process valuable, and we always welcome your comments and concerns which help us objectively and continuously improve our wealth advisory practice for your benefit.


  • First Quarter 2012

    Hawk100 assembled recent quotes from a variety of investment industry leaders to frame the quarter.  Then, it colored the picture with its own interpretation of their comments.


  • Fourth Quarter 2011

    Your Hawk100 wealth advisor wishes you and your family a blessed, prosperous, healthy, and happy 2012.  Last year was interesting for financial markets.  We witnessed unexpected leadership changes for a string of nations, and we watched events unfold with significant financial impact.


  • Third Quarter 2011

    Events people choose to shape their views reflect perspective, which is framed by their position from where they witness the events and opinions that existed before events occur.

    I reserve this letter for two matters that I consider relevant to aligning wealth with life.  Primarily relevant is the retirement, then death while I compose this letter for you, of the iconoclastic Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.  Secondarily, I join the fray of discussion among my peers who have suggested that the third quarters of 2011 and 2008 are uncomfortably similar.


  • Second Quarter 2011

    With this letter, we hope to bring clarity to the risk associated with the U.S. debt limit.  We then challenge a few basic financial assumptions:
    (1) currency is a store of value;
    (2) US Treasuries offer a risk free investment; and
    (3) diversification improves investment results.


  • First Quarter 2011

    In a constant pursuit of improving our investment processes and practices, I recently read several books of topical interest to investment professionals and probable appeal to you. Before discussing your Wealth Alignment Report, I’d like to take a moment to review a few key points from The Investment Answer by Daniel Goldie, CFA CFP, and Gordon Murray; The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America, selected and arranged by Lawrence Cunningham; and Benjamin Graham’s definitive, The Intelligent Investor.


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