The Hawk100 Wealth Philosophy.

Wealth Philosophy

To create the cornerstone of all wealth advice for each member, Hawk100 designs a unique portfolio strategy as a part of each member’s Wealth Alignment Plan.SM

This plan serves several unifying purposes.

  • Establish a common understanding and effective communication.
  • Describe investment philosophy and prudent, disciplined, and systematic wealth management practices.
  • Guide the wealth alignment toward the fulfillment of the member's purpose, values, aspirations, and goals.

The wealth of each member will always be 100% aligned with his or her life according to the Wealth Alignment Plan. Hawk100 will dynamically navigate through financial market risks and opportunities and will avoid ad hoc strategies and emotional errors that may occur in the absence of a plan.

When evaluating individual securities, Hawk100 acquires a security if its intrinsic value – the present value of expected future cash flows to the investor -- appears to exceed its prevailing market price. Correspondingly, Hawk100 sells a security when prospects diminish or returns have been realized such that the prevailing price appears to exceed intrinsic value.

Hawk100 exercises discretion to determine effectively diverse asset allocation and locations for each member in consideration of the member's present envisioned life circumstances. By investing predominantly in low-cost, uncorrelated, exchange-traded funds, Hawk100 efficiently achieves asset allocation plans.