Soliciting Prospective Members for Hawk100.


Hawk100 accepts application from prospective members who may have been referred to a Hawk100 wealth advisor by a person who is neither affiliated with nor employed by Hawk100. 

We call individuals and firms, that desire to seek prospective members for Hawk100 and that meet our standards, "Solicitors."

Before being approved to solicit prospective members, Hawk100 requires Solicitors to complete a Hawk100 Solicitor Application and to enter a Solicitation Agreement with Hawk100.  We only accept Solicitors when we believe their interests align well with members' interests and when they agree to carry themselves with competence, care, and charity.

After Hawk100 receives and accepts a Solicitor, they become eligible to receive direct compensation for client member referrals. Members do not pay additional fees because of any referral arrangement.

To receive a referral fee from Hawk100, Solicitors must comply with the requirements of jurisdictions in which they operate.  At the time of the referral, Solicitors are required to provide each prospective member referred to Hawk100:

  • A copy of our firm brochure, which includes further disclosures of the Solicitor relationship, and
  • The Solicitor's disclosure document.

We also request that Solicitors disclose to prospective members whether they have multiple referral relationships and if so that comparable services may be available from other advisers where fees are lower or the Solicitor's compensation is less favorable.

Furthermore for members introduced to Hawk100 through a financial intermediary, Hawk100 exclusively offers HawkHatchling, SM a distinct service level.  HawkHatchling best serves members who prefer to independently select and design their wealth strategies and seek only to invest in an efficiently diversified, professionally managed portfolio.  Hawk100 does not offer your Wealth Alignment Plan, periodic non-discretionary investment advice, or comprehensive personal financial advice for members selecting HawkHatchling service level.

To express an interest in soliciting prospective members for Hawk100, please complete the following information and Hawk100 will contact you.


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* Hawk100 will keep all of your personal information and responses strictly confidential.