The Hawk100 Promise Points.

Promise Points

Hawk100 makes five key promises to each of its 100 members.

Our advice and recommendations align with each individual member and his or her personal situation, purpose, values, aspirations, and goals.

As CFA Institute members, your wealth advisors uphold the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct in the investment field.

Hawk100 endeavors to deliver asset returns that best align with each member's Wealth Alignment Plan.SM Contact Hawk100 to learn more about our performance record.

Hawk100 employs risk management techniques designed to protect each member's wealth from expected and unexpected events according to his or her specific human, financial, and permanent capital.

Hawk100 adviser fees are competitive, clear, and controlled. Our team works to mitigate investment costs that can diminish performance.

Our goal is for members to feel confident that their wealth will perform according to plan with increased predictability and reduced risk. Although we cannot guarantee asset returns and investment success, you can be assured that we will work diligently to fulfill our promises.